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Tuesday, 26 January 2021



The recent San Diego Westways magazine (for AAA members) had a feature, Bargain Bites, that featured Pho Duyen Mai and mentioned the beef bones. That is a lot of meat!


Wow, I was expecting to see "one" bone. I need to order #27 asap!


glad this didn’t disappoint.


It was a lot of meat Sandy!

Het TFD - I suggest you call in your order; you can have the rib bones as a side with anything you order; I think..... It costs about $4.99 extra. Have fun!

It sure didn't Kat!


I like getting the noodles uncooked if you're taking it home! Super simple to cook. Just boil hot water and put the noodles in for a few minutes. Then you don't have to deal with clumpy overcooked noodles!


Every time I see "them bones" it reminds me of the Alice in Chains song. Glad they still carry it.


Glad you liked it Kirk! =) Think I’ll go back this Friday when the next bit of weather sweeps through.

And didn’t know that them bones were still available – good tip!


Thanks for taking the time out to comment An! I think in this case; and it does have to addressed on a case by case basis; Pho Cow Cali is good about requests for uncooked noodles; Phuong Trang is not; some ramen places will charge extra. In this case; because the noodles were provided slightly undercooked, if it were separate from the toppings, a simple pour of hot/boiling water would have worked fine. It could have been done in parallel with reheating the broth and taken no additional time - especially since I had to get back to work. Thanks for the suggestion!

Yeah, it reminds me as well Junichi! In fact, I think I mentioned that before.......

Thanks again for the recommendation Sage!

Si O

I need to get there for this (and their Goi Cuon Nem Nuong). :) Thanks for the reminder of this place.


Hope you enjoy it Si!


I was looking for a pho place in Kearny Mesa today so I of course looked on here for recommendations—tried “dem bones” today and they were awesome! I ordered pho without meat to go with but something got confused and I got chicken pho instead. Oh well, it was still good!


Hi Jenne - So nice to hear from you....I gotta get back here now that the weather is getting cooler. Glad you enjoyed your pho....

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