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Tuesday, 12 January 2021



Cathy--you are in our thoughts here. Sorry about the circumstances surrounding the car coming your way.


2020 wasn't a very good year, was it? I am sorry for your loss. Glad you are okay though. Thanks for sharing the pictures and keeping up the hard work as usual on the blog. Been saying this for years, but still craving a good casino buffet for the past 13 years. One day I'll be back in Vegas. Be well Cathy.


virtual hugs Cathy, please take care & continue to stay safe.


Thank you, Wendy. The trip was a nice little vacation and my brother and I had some good talks as well as good meals.

**hug**, Kat. Trying to stay isolated for ten days since I was more than 120 miles from home. Thinking about the food and wish we lived closer to Mom's Cafe.


Cathy, I'm sorry for your family's losses. It's hard to believe how different it is for dining inside in different states.


Thank you, Sandy. The differences began at the airports- San Diego had every other seat marked to not sit; nothing like that in Denver. Getting straws and plastic bags automatically was a long forgotten amenity, although self serve in the Truck Stop/Convenience Stores was a bit disconcerting.


My condolences about the loss, I hope you're doing well amidst these circumstances. Thanks for sharing your journey through the states; the food looks just the right kind of comfort for a trip like this.


Thanks, Ben. It was different doing a cross country drive in Winter, but since Covid, nothing is the same anyhow. The food stops are always interesting, with some local 'specialties'; we live in a beautiful, great country with a magnificent freeway system.


Did you try the Koolee? That's good you found lots of food to try.


Condolences to you and your family Cathy. Thank you for sharing your story and the details of your trip back to San Diego. I am glad you were able to spend quality time with your brother on the drive back. That "scone" with honey butter looked good (as fried bread normally is).


It was cold and windy when we stopped here, Soo; the Koolee wasn't considered, although the cherry limeade would have been my pick. It was so nice to be able to drive and see how the rest of the USA was living. The food finds were all really nice.
Thanks, cc. I suppose all of us will go through this at some point. We made it interesting, not only with the time of year, but with the stops; that scone was kind of a funnel cake batter and a real surprise...and a reminder to try something local and new to you.


I just found your comment in the spam filter, Sawyer. Thank you for your kind words. It looks like a few casinos in Nevada are going ahead with a type of buffet- sort of cafeteria style, but you do get all you want with limits on lobster and crab legs. Not ready to do that, though..

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