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Monday, 28 December 2020


Barbara K Paddock

Yes, I am planning to get the vaccine, and I will be so happy to get it. I am not an essential worker but I am over 60 with asthma and a life time of pneumonia. Thank you and the Mrs. for being essential workers. I am so grateful for the vaccine! I have stayed home (even from grocery stores) the entire time.


Yes, when it comes my turn, which probably won't be for a bit. Beautiful pictures. Been missing Korean food. I'm brought back to my time in SD and getting Halmunee's for dinner after a late shift


I will be so happy when you get it as well Barbara and am looking forward to find out where you head to first! Take care and hang in there!

I think that Korean food has gotten even better here in recent years Sawyer. When this is all over; I'm hoping you come for a visit....and lunch/dinner is on me! It's always great to hear from you! Bst wishes for a wonderful 2021!


Got my first dose recently with minimal side effects. Glad to hear your wife got hers and is fine. Hope you (and everyone else) get yours soon. Judging by all the cars lining our street, the very crowded stores and still people without masks (looking at you RB In n Out—not the employees), it’s going to be awhile before things improve.🙁


Oh man...still no masks RD? In RB....PB maybe, but not RB! That's so disappointing. Glad you minimal side effects though.


My employer is considered to be essential, but I am nowhere near to be considered a front line worker. Nevertheless, I plan on getting the vaccine when it's finally my turn. Whenever I go out for groceries, etc., I see that nearly everyone is wearing a mask. Whether they wear them properly is another story ...


glad the missus didn’t have serious side effects. hope your vaccine will go smoothly too. take care you two!


I hope your missus feels better. Our neighbors daughter, who is a new nurse (fresh out of college) got the vaccine the other day as well


Yes, lot's of folks "just wearing" the infamous "under the nose".....

Thanks Kat!

It will be interesting CC, since I understand there are more reactions with the second dose.


I'm still wait and see mode for the vaccine. Especially when there are several different versions of it.


I'm actually getting the Moderna Junichi. So we'll see.

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