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Thursday, 12 November 2020



sounded like a safe but refreshing getaway:)


We tried to be as safe as possible Kat!


Love the sea otter mural! Plus Morro Rock and the colorful lights in the field! Wow! Looks like you and the Missus had a wonderful time during your roadtrip.


Wow! Great road trip. Love the Morro Rock and the field of lights.


We did have a wonderful time CC!

It was Soo!


Road trip is definitely the way to go under these unusual circumstances. A lot of people go a step further and rent RVs. I did one road trip during summer and that's pretty much it for this year.


We were thinking of doing a class B motorhome Junichi; but it would make visiting some of the places we wanted to a bit difficult. Also, there's huge demand right now and some of the prices we saw......sheesh...

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