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Sunday, 22 November 2020



Congrats on the notoriety, I agree you've always tried to stay inconspicuous but I'm glad you're getting some recognition you deserve (whether you want it or not).


Congrats on your 15 minutes of fame!


You haven't lost the Hawaii accent!


You sound very Hawaiian on the phone. Super adorable though. LOL


nice recognition! sad about all the closures.


Thanks Jason!

More like 15 seconds Soo!

That's actually a great indicator of how comfortable I was with Kristy and Abby Sandy. If I'm on guard I tend to lose a bit of my "accent".

Thanks TFD......

Thanks Kat.....I was shocked at how many places we visited in PDX were permanently closed.

Pam from Santee

Recognition well deserved! This blog and the community around it is a wonderful resource.


Great interview! Funny that they cropped out the face on the SDUT article, haha:


Thanks so much Pam! Hope all is well.

I actually asked them to do that and they so graciously agreed Elle. Really nice foilks.


I was shocked when Bistro Montage closed in Portland. I'll also miss the wings from Pok Pok.

Congrats on being featured on UT. I think I've been reading this blog close to 10 years now.


Thanks Junichi! I really appreciate your comments and having to take the time out to read our posts.

john m. dowd

I thought you did a very nice job. The interviewers were in way over their heads. I can't believ a "fussy eater" is interviewing a foodie, that does not usually work. I also chuckled about what you call Mainland Poke. Our family calls it McPoke, sounds like McDonald's only Mac-Poke.


That's funny John. And thanks for listening to the podcast!


You were great on the podcast. I agree with JD about the interviewers being a bit overwhelmed but you brought them some information in a very kind and useful way.

I recently listened to the Good Food podcast where host Evan Kleiman interviewed Pok Pok founder Andy Ricker about the closings. It sounded like it was about being burnt-out more than the COVID situation. It's a tough business.


Thanks alnc. I heard that podcast as well and I think it's a combination of both. I think he kind of over extended things and then when the pandemic hit and there was a whole new set of problems he decided to call it.


I’ve been reading the blog for years and I’m so excited to listen to this podcast. Very cool!!


Thanks so much Stephanie! I hope you enjoy my kinda crazy ramblings. The two hosts were really fun and nice!


Oh no, Que Huong closed?? So sad!
I haven't tried Ban Lao though, it sounds great. It's been too long since I had nem khao!

Will have to check out the podcast! You are too humble, I think most San Diego foodies (at least those of us who like interesting food more than fancy food) think of you as one of the OG experts.


Jay sold Que Huong a year or two ago and the new owners just couldn't make a go of it. Thanks for the kind words!

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