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Monday, 30 November 2020



I wonder if Stehly Farms in Kensington can stick around. They seem to carry some products I don't see elsewhere.

I hope you and the Missus stay safe as well!


you and the missus stay safe!


I'm thinking that Kensington might be a better location Elle!

You too Kat!


Stehly had good stuff but it was pricey. Still sad to see them go. One of my friends just lost his sister to Covid. Too many people not being considerate.


I really like the Harland stuff. I will have to check out the Morena spot when this whole thing blows over..


That's so sad Junichi. So tragic.....

I like their stuff too Dave! Nice to hear from you; hope all is well!


Thank you, Kirk and the Missus, for the work that you do.

Si O

Hoping that you and the missus stay safe too!


Oh my....thanks so much Sandy!

Thanks Si! Take care and be safe!


I'm actually surprised that Stehly Farms lasted that long in that location. I hope their Kensington spot is continuing to do well. Harland makes good stuff, I'll stop by when they open!


Hey Jack - I know of quite a few folks who enjoy what Harland makes. The interesting thing is that quite a few places in the area serves Harland as well.....I'm wondering how that affects things.

douglas gunderson

Thanks for the update. I visited Bench mark often...loved the owners/staff. I worked the neighborhood so be sure to visit DEFT, Bitter Bros.
Ballast, Coronado in the neighborhood.....PLs check this link out: Dgunde organist


Hi Douglas - Thanks for taking the time out to comment. I live in the neighborhood so have been to all the places mentioned - if you look back; you might find some posts. I really enjoyed the Bitter Bros anniversary dinner I attended - not a big fan of Coronado though.

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