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Friday, 13 November 2020



Your food choices look delicious. We’ve been doing a lot of takeout and have sadly gone through lots of drivethrus. Thanks for the posts and stay safe.


the fish sounds so delicious! stay safe:)


That's cool you found some great to go food.


Thanks, RD. We pick an ethnic market each week to do most shopping and each has some sort of prepared food area which inspires additional in-store purchases (spices, condiments, produce). In the time of COVID-19, being safe as well as creative has occurred.
We have purchased more prepared seafood items, lately, Kat. The caracsses (as well as shrimp shells) make a good seafood stock/soup.
I think people tend to ignore prepared foods at markets (other than the Costco rotisserie chicken), Soo. It is a good way to see how they do cook-and if you might want to grab some items for Thanksgiving sides (or full meal).

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