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Wednesday, 11 November 2020



my Mom and Dad are born New Yorkers, live in the La Jolla region. My dad regards golden bagel as THE only good bagel in San Diego and he (or let's be honest I) have driven out there many a time to stock up for family brunches or events (ah the time before COVID).

Honestly one of my favorite things about them are their cream cheeses, especially the garlic one but also the apple cinnamon and sun dried tomato. All of them are just phenomenal and make a great bagel even better.


Pleasantly surprised how easy it’s been finding proper (water boiled) bagels here in SD compared to LA. Used to have to order from H&H in NYC because I’m a huge bagel snob. Glad you found some good ones!


Did you say Bialy? I'm there! Theirs look really good!


pumpernickel is so rare here. this looked great!


Oh, this is good to know, Loren. Next visit, we will get all wild and crazy and try one (or more) of the 'fancy' cream cheeses. The quality here is remarkable.

The only other bagels we really like are at PL Bagel (Point Loma), RD. Yes, water boiled is proper; can taste the difference. Golden is so much shorter drive, though.

*Really* nice bialy here, cc. You know The Mister doesn't like onions, so more of the top half goes to me!

Oh, that's terrible, Kat. Pumpernickel/rye is one of those choices automatically gravitated to when given a choice.

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