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Monday, 02 November 2020


Si O

Thanks for posting! This place actually popped up on my social media feed (ads based on me clicking on a Mediterranean place within my walking distance). So, I did wonder how is it. Glad they have good garlic sauce.

I wish to find good Baba Ghanouj! Love the version at Mister Falafel but rarely manage to get there. I also missed chicken shawarma plate at Harvest Market.


I also saw Garlic & Tahini on my social media feeds, except that I don't know how. I wondered about it, and now that I know a real person has tried it, I'll put it on my list of places to try.


I miss the garlic sauce at Harvest too. Just make sure you didn't have any social engagements afterwards.


My stomping grounds, but never when it's open. I'll have to change up and check it out. Oh, there is a farm fresh eggs and meat place across the cul-du-sac from this place.


I think I've been to that area before. It use to be Kokonut Dessert Bar (which is now partnered up with Matcha Cafe Maiko). My friend and I got lost trying to find the original location haha. Ghost kitchen is a new concept to me!


Google is your friend to find out hole in the wall eats while mmmyoso is mine. I really enjoy the garlic paste at North Park but in researching how to make it myself, was disappointed to see how unhealthy it is—probably why it’s so good. Thanks for another interesting, off the beaten path place to try.


It's a bit different from what I'm used to in terms of Garlic sauce Si; but still pretty good.

Try them out and let me know what you think Sandy!

Yeah....that might not be socially acceptable Junichi.

Thanks for the heads-up Jan! I'll check them out.

It is a fairly remote location for a food place Elle.

Thanks for the awesome compliment RD! Yes, the amount of fat in garlic sauce is kinda scary. But FWIW, the version here is made with Avocado Oil....if that helps in any way.


nice you found a new place:)


I'm quite happy about that Kat!

Som Tommy

Hey I just heard you on the U-T podcast. Your famous


Maybe more like (in)famous ST????

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