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Sunday, 04 October 2020


Option TradeRN

Popeye's chicken diminished due to spicy chicken sandwich popularity IMO.


Aw man, I really like Harvest Market. :(

I hope they do not close permanently. Their sweets/baklava assortment is amazing as well as their takeout salads (so much variety).


Had Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich today and thought it was pretty good for fast food. Saw the ghost pepper wings but didn’t get them (sounds like a good choice). Also saw a soft opening for Rakiraki (Mira Mesa location in same shopping center as Popeyes). Take care.


manini chicken :(


That's interesting I said, hadn't eaten anything from Popeyes in ages.

I hope it's not permanently either CC.

Yeah, I'd hear about RR opening in MM RD......not a big fan of their overhyped, underwhelming, ramen though.

Really manini Kat.

Som Tommy

I didn’t think the wings were spicy either.


It really didn't seem even moderately spicy ST.


I thought their spicy chicken sando was quite good. I had it for the first time in Yucca Valley of all places. Those are some tiny wings. Will stick to the sandwiches if I ever get a craving again.


I never tried RakiRaki when it was on Convoy, mostly because of parking issues. I'm willing to try it in Mira Mesa, which happens to be close to the Popeyes. That is a tiny wing, especially since that's a small-ish packet of soy sauce! Speaking of excess plastic, I'm trying to remember "no utensils" when ordering takeout and hoping the restaurant complies.

Pam from Santee

I cooked up some pork with Tianjin pickled vegetable and bamboo shoot last week. It came okay. Probably could have used more vegetable, but I'm always hesitant to put much in, even after trying to rinse out the salt. Thanks for the inspiration!


That's probably a good strategy Junichi.

I'm also requesting that they don't bag up my stuff when the amount isn't too large Sandy. Those wings were really small.

Thanks for the update Pam.


Wow! I thought chickens had bigger wings. I've been getting Costco chicken about once a month and they have good size wings.


Well these were more "nubs" then wings Soo....


Curiosity got the best of me. Tried the ghost pepper wings last night. Man these things are tiny with barely any traces of heat. The KFC hot wings pack way more punch than these. Complete letdown.


It's good to know that my visit wasn't just a "one-off" Junichi.....though that's kind of sad as well.


Went to their website and confirmed they closed the San Diego branch.


That's a bummer Brian. Thanks for the info.

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