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Saturday, 24 October 2020



Beautiful pictures and great story. Way back when on a cross country move for school, our u haul broke down. We had to transfer all our belongings to a new u haul which it turned out didn’t work either. Lost a whole day in Oklahoma but had a wonderful steak dinner at some hole in the wall roadhouse for like $5. The music literally screeched to a halt when my wife and I walked in, great memories. Thanks for reminding me. Stay safe and hope you guys get traveling again soon.


was getting worried after the two breakdowns...beautiful photos!


Great story RD....funny how these mishaps really lead onto interesting experiences!

That was quite an experience Kat!


I was planning a similar road trip this summer until Covid hit. Antelope canyon is sadly still closed. At least you had AC while waiting for the tow. Never even heard of pickled fries. Might have to look for a recipe online.


Congrats on your new suv! I never bought a new car without some testing before hand. You got some great photos on your road trip.


Wow, talk about rolling with the punches, too bad your car broke down but glad you were able to adapt (and get a new car) and still keep your road trip itinerary.


Cripes, what a road trip! Thanks for sharing your adventures. Those photos of the canyon are fantastic (love the way the light plays with the curves)


The Missus loved those fries Junichi! Hope you get to check out Antelope Canyon once they reopen.

Well, it just didn't make sense to repair our old car Soo.

Something always happens Jason!

It does make for quite the story CC! Antelope Canyon is very photogenic!


Great post. Looks WAY more popular than when we visited in 2002. I took my kiddo on a road trip to the area this past August, but as would be expected, Antelope Canyon was cerrado. We missed the horseshoe this time, but made up for it by checking out Goosenecks.


One of these days, I would love to visit Antelope Canyon, but I will try to do it when the temperatures aren't so high. Great photos and hope you're enjoying the new-ish car!


It's extremely popular Jan...probably due to all the social media exposure.

Definitely do it during when the weather is cooler Sandy - though because it's a canyon, the temps aren't very high. It's when you're outside....

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