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Sunday, 18 October 2020


Derek R

I've also become a fan of the negi pon from Menya though sometimes the ponzu can be a bit too sour. I've heard that EE Nami has a good karaage but it's only served for dinner so I haven't tried it yet.

Derek R

I meant to say karaage with tarter sauce (like the one from Okan)


have a safe week!


Hi Derek - I tried the Karaage at EE Nami when they had it on the takeout menu....nice to know they have Tori Nanban. Yamadaya used to have Karaage Tartar which was sort of like Tori Nanban. So, I'll definitely look for it when we're ready to dine-in.

You too Kat!


Glad you liked it!


it was pretty good Junichi. I'll definitely have it again. Thanks again for the recommendation.

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