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Tuesday, 01 September 2020



katame or barikata (super firm) is my favorite too


Just like the Missus Kat!


Glad you enjoyed it and got the Missus over the Menya "hump"!


Thanks again for the rec' Jason!


When getting takeout recently, I asked if I could get the noodles uncooked. They said there was an extra charge, so I stuck with the cooked noodles. It's a very generous portion of noodles! Haven't tried the take home kit yet.


The uncooked noodles do make a difference Sandy. The amount of noodles in the take home kit is too much for two meals for us; so I just use the noodles for other dishes.

Pam from Santee

We've been making fresh ramen using similar storebought packets. My husband has even made homemade chashu and ajidama. It comes out pretty good but I felt like something's missing. Maybe it's tree ears!


I've always wanted to try the cook at home kit but 4 servings is way too much ramen for even me.


Hi Pam - You might want to try wood ear, menma - my favorite - usually made from lacto-fermented bamboo shoots, or even blanched (moyashi) bean sprouts for added texture. In Hokkaido, they like corn (and butter!) on their Miso Ramen. Have fun!

I've found that the cook at home product will last 3-4 days if well refrigerated Junichi. Though I'm not sure you'd want to eat that for like 4 days in a row!


Just had Menya sit-down for lunch today. They're super limiting seating so yelp check-in highly recommended. They started turning people away around 1pm. Ramen is just as good as I remember.


That great to know Junichi...for when I'm ready for dining in.


I am ordering this to bring to a dinner party. Can you tell me what this is in the pic ? I thought it was simmered down broth at first?


That's the tonkotsu broth when it's cold Faye. You can see all the collagen and fat coagulated. When you heat it up, I recommend scooping up all the broth you can and when it liquifies/warms up; pour some of it back into the container to get every drop out.

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