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Tuesday, 29 September 2020



My favorites are exactly the same and the fried rice was excellent the first time I got it. It has been thinned out a bit with time. Still pretty good though.


Great minds right Dereck? ;o)


The Preserved Vegetable Fried Rice sounds interesting. Can you tell me more about the preserved vegetable?


Hunan is famous for their dried/preserved vegetables Soo....everything from cucumber skin to radish. The most common is Hunan preserved long beans - which is what Taste of Hunan uses. It's fairly mild in the fried rice Soo, since they don't use a much as they used to. The la rou really adds a nice smokiness.

Pam from Santee

Looks pretty good! I've got some tianjin vegetable and bamboo shoot kicking around. I wonder if there's a piece of pork in the freezer?


Go for it Pam! Let me know how it turns out!


at least you still have some favorites at each place.


Hi Kat - Yes, it's good to find some items that are still to our taste here.


I haven't had Chinese food in a while. I need to get my fix soon.


Hope you get your fix in and enjoy what you get Junichi!


I visit that center every couple weeks for the Trader Joe's... unfortunately it's usually pretty early, way too early for lunch.

In the before times, any later during the week and it'd be slammed with the lunch crowd. These days, any later and the line to enter TJs is a thing and I avoid it if possible.

That being said, I should try the food of Hunan eventually. I'm more familiar with Cantonese or Shanghainese.


Hi Eddie - Yes, that parking lot and especially getting in and out of that parking lot can be crazy a peak times. Though because things aren't quite as busy right; you might want to place your order online and try to time things.

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