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Thursday, 24 September 2020



Thanks for the review, was curious about the new place. Wasn't impressed by FFY and looks like the new folks aren't that great... at least for the dim sum items. With the China Max inferno, I've been going to Jasmine but like you mention it's pretty expensive.


at least some things on the menu were decent...


I believe it's the same kitchen staff Jason. The dim sum seems a bit larger; but in terms of execution, well..... I need to do some follow-up before doing my Jasmine take-out post.

At least I got one go-to item from the menu Kat!

Som Tommy

I thought the Dim Sum at GI was really over priced. But it’s good you found something you liked.


I think the dim sum is on the pricey side ST....but I liked the Kwai Fei Ji.


Very impressed you were able to find some good items there! I could eat most anything with a good ginger scallion sauce!


Lol weren't the only one who told me that. The sauce for the kwai fei ji was very well made.


Good to know the Kwai Fei Chicken was great and the duck isn't bad. I've been going to Noble Chef for duck mostly. Thanks for the link!


Glad you got one good dish after 3 visits.


I got some take out dim sum recently, and the har gow I got was much better than what you described. The translucent wrappers really don't hold up very well for takeout.


Yes Noble Chef's duck is definitely better Soo!

I thought the guy working there was so nice Junichi. I'm glad I found a "keeper" dish.

I've had decent take-out Har Gow before Sandy - even from Hong Kong BBQ. It was the muddy flavors that really turned me off. Good to know that what you got seemed better. Perhaps I'll try it again in the future.


According to the manager Michael, the cooks are all new. In addition they will be adding a new takeout area similar to Jasmine Express. They are installing new stage and dance area for banquets. It was real bad timing the new owners bought just before Covid


Well, that makes sense seems that things are progressing somewhat since my first visit.


"...the Missus took one bite and told me to eat the rest."

That sounded familiar. Yeah, YOU eat it. Thanks for the laugh, along with a thorough review.


Lol! Glad to know I'm not the only one alnc!


I was wondering how this place was now under new management but was hesitant to try with those prices. I'm glad you found a few good items.


It's still not quite up to par Kirbie - except for the Kwai Fei Chicken.

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