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Monday, 07 September 2020



aw frankie:) stay safe & cool!


Yes, he's really good at getting comfy Kat!

Som Tommy

Oh, I have to try the fried chicken at Karami. I do like the cold ramen there. Still waiting on that CAB write up haha


I know you do ST! I've already punished myself with not one; but two CABs....just waiting until the shock wears off! ;o)


Just had the negi-pon fried chicken at Menya for lunch today. It was pretty good. The regular version is a little dry but gets an added boost with the added ponzu, mayo and onions.

Lynnea Fleming

love the Frankie update--such a cutie, as always! I'll admit I've been making some version of cold noodle dish(hiyashi chuka or cold udon or somen) at least once a week...thankfully it cooled down a little this week!! That cold ramen looks so refreshing!


So it's like Tori Nanban Junichi? One of my favorite're tempting me to dine in!

Cold noodles are great for this weather Lynnea! And as always; Frankie thanks you for the kind words!


That's good the garage wasn't bad.


No, parking wasn't bad at all Soo! Just kidding. The Karaage's flavor was pretty good.


Their version was simply karaage sitting in a ponzu oil mixture covered in mayo and a ton of chopped green onions. It wasn't bad but nothing like tori nanban.


No rush on those sheets. :)


You got me craving tori nanban now Junichi!

Absolutely no rush at all Jan! ;o)


Frankie is SO SUPER CUTE! =) And wow I do remember the hot weather and orangish sky (due to nearby wildfires) that week. It seems like a year ago but it was only like two months ago. Also feels like I haven't had time to catch up on reading my favorite blogs (like this one!) and online stuffs in ages. It's kind of fun to catch up on a bunch of your posts at one time though (except that it usually means work has been super busy if it's been a while... that and I always get EXTRA hungry reading about and looking at all the wonderful food!!!). Anyway, always nice to see Frankie but he's so super cute in this pic. Thanks for sharing the photo! =)


I tend to think of this year as one loooong month of March Dancing! And is March 254th...

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