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Thursday, 10 September 2020



Kirk it is an honor to be mentioned in your blog even under these um, circumstances. I tried this place based on your recommendation here and it was AMAZING... eating there again today. This is one of my goto websites that I check every day (I no longer even live in San Diego full time), so please keep up the good work!!



I've been to Zgara twice now and have enjoyed it. Usually get the gyro lunch special but the fries aren't too much to write home about... not bad, but just filler, probably would be just as happy just getting the sandwich.


The honor is all mine Chris! Thanks for the, ahem, comments whether on this blog or elsewhere; though I'm still not a big fan of Five Guys! Thanks also for continuing to read our little blog!

Hi Jason - If I recall; the Greek Salad ain't much to write home about either. I'm waiting for them to have Loukaniko in stock to try.


Thanks for the tips on ordering at Hawaiian Fresh Seafood, especially on the poke bowls. Haven't been to Zgara yet.


Yes, having the fish and rice separate really helps when taking out Sandy. Hope you're enjoying the poke!


HFS ❤️. Only know about it because of your blog! Thanks again!


Glad you like HFS RD!


glad you & the missus are getting your poke fixes:)


Whenever I see HFS it reminds me of the beer that Apline Beer Co makes. Except that stands for something else (Holy Fxxxing Sxxt). Apparently blurted out by the brewer after tasting it for the first time since it was so good. I've been to Zgara a few times but haven't been to HFS yet.


We are Kat! Hope all is well!

Lol Junichi! Well, maybe it should be HFSFM - but that could be inteerpreted as Holy F#(k!^G $@!T M0TH*& F#(k*&....which ain't so great either! ;o)


It was fun to hear my mom talk about this amazing new Poke place only to realize I got the mmm-yoso scoop ahead of time. I did have to take credit for knowing about it, I have a reputation to maintain (Sorry :-D)

Girlfriend and I visited for the first time this weekend, was everything you said it was. Besides having a POG juice for the first time since I was last in Hawaii, the poke was absolutely phenomenal. I will admit wholeheartedly that there was just waaaay too much mayo on some but the others like the bluefin, shoyu ahi and garlic salmon were light and delicious. Pro tip btw; buy the poke, eat it with potato chips. Sooooo good.


Nice move Loren - both with Mom and the chips! Glad you enjoyed the poke. I dropped by this weekend as well.....the place is getting kinda busy.

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