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Monday, 21 September 2020



So upsetting. In addition to just going there a lot, it was also the #1 place I always took out-of-town friends as well as my parents, as it was such a great showcase of San Diego food, beer, place, and hospitality. Such a shame to lose this regional institution. At least BLAH has managed to stay afloat, if barely.


aw that stings...


Yes, I've thought of TT to be almost a quintessential San Diego gastropub Sage. A huge loss for SD.

It sure does Kat......what a bummer.


I first read about it on Eater too. Sad indeed. O'Brien's is doing good business on Convoy. That's my usual go-to. I hope Hamilton's can survive. That's my second favorite.


O'Brien's seems to always be busy when I drive past Junichi.


Oh man, that's sad news indeed. Loved their food and beers. I guess I should be thankful that West Coast Smoke & Tap House is surviving.

Lynnea Fleming

This is so devastating--I almost cried when I got the news. Like so many people, we took so many out-of-towners here and of course it was just the best natural meet-up spot for large groups. We are sad too!


That's really sad to hear. When I lived there, that was one of my go to place as well for food and beer. I really have enjoyed reading your posts on it since I've moved away. Thanks for sharing your stories and experiences as always.


Hi Kenneth - Yes, it's quite sad. Hope you are doing well.

TT has a special place in our hearts (and stomachs) Lynnea. It's like we lost a good friend.

Nice to hear from you Trees. It is indeed sad news. We appreciate that you still read our posts. Take care!

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