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Friday, 04 September 2020



That's a huge line! Glad you and Frankie are staying cool.

Cathy Greene

I've found that going a little later is better at Wayfarer. Friday at 9:30 wasn't bad last week.


stay cool!


You were expecting mask compliance in La Jolla? I'm sure they all think they're immune by virtue of $$$. Glad you're getting out of the office at least a little bit. We're just huddled next to the A/C vents.


We're trying our best Soo!

I wish I could make it there during the week Cathy! The photo of the line as I was leaving was at about 0930 on a Sunday.

Thank Kat!

Lol Ken.......hope all is well and that the A/C is blowing strong!


I know that you have done a lot of research regarding croissants, Kirk. My wife really liked the croissants made at Best Donuts (before they changed the name to Barrio Donas.) As this is in your stomping grounds, have you checked them out? Also, sometime, if you could give your top five places for croissants, it would be appreciated, thanks.

Great job keeping Frankie cool during this heat.


Hi ALNC - I've got a couple of visits that I didn't have time to post because of Covid-19. I'm probably going to do revisits of those. So you'll see one place that I haven't posted on yet. So...

1 - Wayfarer Bakery
2 - O'Brien's Boulangerie
3 - Patisserie Melanie
4 - Herb and Eatery
5 - French Oven

There is a lot of difference between #1 and the rest.
Hope all is well!


Holy smokes that's a long line for pastries. If I ever decide to check it out I'll make sure it's a weekday!


That's probably a good move Junichi. That line was crazy long.


Frankie. =)


Trying to keep his butt cool Dancing!

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