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Sunday, 27 September 2020



Busy morning! That list would have taken me all weekend. Thanks for sharing what you've been cooking at home. We've enjoyed making Hainanese chicken lately, seems simple but lots of ways to perfect the recipe and it's got that combo of very comforting asian flavors.


small world if I remember correctly my aunty’s husband’s relatives are the kukahikos


Some of your posts, like this one, really strike home even though I grew up nowhere near Hawaii and have very different food memories but this post really resonates with me. Cheers!

Rhys Ford

Do they sell the laulau all the time or just on certain days? I was looking at their website and on yelp but probably missed it. I'll look again!


It was Jason! Perfecting Hainan Chicken! That's quite difficult - it's perfecting the simplest dishes that are the most challenging.

That's awesome Kat!

I'm glad you enjoyed this one RD!

I've only seen it once Rhys; it was in the fridge area across from the main counters - they do carry kalua pork more often. Good luck!

barbara paddock

I used to make the exact same things for my elderly foster dogs, including the quinoa. They love that entire combo and will eat it no matter how sickly they are. I joke they ate better than I did, heh. I have not had a foster in a long time due to COVID. I look forward to getting back to it once this pandemic is stopped. Your "human" food looks fabulous too. I had two Filipino families that "adopted" me as a token white kid for their family parties. Man, those were the days! That food. I can still make decent Pancit but that is about it. There were lots of aunties and cousins and I loved it. I had no relatives growing up but them.


Hi Barbara - Love your story! Food does so much to form us....wish more people would have that exposure, I think it would really help resolve many problems we have. Hope things turn around soon so you can get back to doing those things that give you joy....there are so many pooches that need a foster mom!


That list of things to do would take me all weekend long!


Lol Junichi! That's just a single morning.....


Frankie!!!!!! =) And wow that is a LOT you got done in one morning. And wow I am super behind on reading your posts. Like more behind than the usual behind. Good to know that you and the Missus (and Frankie!) are still doing well though! =)


We're trying to make make the best of things Dancing! Frankie says hello and hopes you are doing well!

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