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Sunday, 16 August 2020



Can’t wait to try the gyros! Thanks! And thanks for your thoughtful words on our current “situation.” I get so depressed with all the selfishness and nastiness.


Hope you get a chance to check them out RD!


I can't wait! Lunch today!


Hope you enjoy Dereck!


So so good! The only thing I would add (and did when I got home) is zhug. I know it isn't Greek, but it makes great even better.


Glad you enjoyed Dereck....I'm tempeted to hit them up again today....but that would be a bit much.

Lynnea Fleming

I'll have to check out Zgara's veggie or seafood options since I've been eating less meat lately, but that pork gyro sounds amazing-- glad you are enjoy it so much and that it's helping you feel like you can make it through till we can all travel again! :)


That's great you fav Greek spot has opened again!

Derek R

My brother and I went today and both got the pork gyro. As good as ever - REALLY hit the spot. I wanna go back so I can get some of that sausage and the feta spread. The price of the plates seem a little expensive but I'm waiting to see the food quantity before I judge.

Unrelated question - have you tried out the new Mystic Grill on Balboa (vs the original one in Rolando)?


yeah glad this place is closer & doesn’t disappoint!


Let me know how you liked those Lynnea!

It's my favorite Gyros spot Soo.

If you get those other items let me know how you liked them Derek. I went to Mystic Grill after waiting like three year for them to open...and we got shut down. I wasn't too impressed. Thinking about heading over and doing a couple of rounds of takeout.

I'm quite happy Kat!


Such great news AND close to you from the sound of your posts. I only made it out to the PB location once and was bummed when it closed. I'll definitely be supporting the new location when I take the kiddo for a Mission Bay walk.


I've enjoyed my two visits so far Jan. Hopefully you'll get to check them out soon.

Derek R

I feel like the original location has been pretty hit and miss as far as quality control but has gotten a bit better lately. I've only had some of the spreads from the Balboa location but they've been pretty solid. Hoping this one (Balboa) can keep the quality up.


Thanks for the heads-up Derek!


I know what I'm getting for lunch this weekend!


Hope you enjoy Junichi! Heck, you might even run into me.....


I went last Friday for an early dinner. Both the pork and chicken gyros were excellent. When I was leaving the fire on Morena was just starting. No firefighters were there yet.


That fire was crazy huge Junichi! Glad you enjoyed the gyros!

Som Tommy

Had lunch from here. So good. Have you tried Fusion Eats by Ballast Point. My friends said they like the wings and sandwiches.

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