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Thursday, 20 August 2020



That is crazy to look at your pic and imagine people out and about like that. I'm glad you were able to enjoy the meal here. It's unfortunate the server wasn't as welcoming. How come you ended with the Sourdough Scallion Pancake? My mom always taught me fried rice was usually at end of meal so it doesn't take up space in your stomach. So wondering if the scallion pancake was you and the Missus dessert !


Yes, it was our dessert Faye.....and it did fill us up. Looking back at those photos; considering it was at the end of January does feel kind of weird.


crowds tend to freak me out now...stay safe!


That is hilarious. I have stayed at least 30 nights in that Hilton, and I have never noticed, or notably payed attention, to those figures.

That meal sounds super disappointing and R&G Lounge might have been better that evening.


They kinda freak me out too these days Kat!

For some reason those sculptures got my attention Dereck. And I agree R&G would probably have been a better choice; but we wanted to try out Mister Jiu's. We'll probably go back for light eats and cocktails.


Looks like a great trip. I love San Francisco. I miss the delicious fortune cookies.


We miss the variety of what's available Soo!


I was intrigued by Mister Jiu's since the profile of the owner on "Taste the Nation."


The place is worth a try James. we'll probably go back; albiet for cocktails.

Som Tommy

How did this place compare to Bistro Na


Well ST, that one is coming up....


On a non-related note, we stopped by Hawaiian Fresh Seafood yesterday for a poke assortment and really enjoyed it, thanks for the post on it earlier this week! Their fresh fish selection looked pretty good too.


Glad you enjoyed HFS Jason. They are now a regular stop on our "rotation"...hmmm....I think I'll do an updated post on that. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the poke.

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