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Sunday, 02 August 2020



Interesting... that stretch of road seems to constantly accumulate stops for me... Catalina OP, Stehly, and Costco a bit down the road. Add in a good gyro establishment and I might have to spend a whole morning + lunch down there! I still reminisce about the gyros I had in Athens 20 yrs ago.

Derek R

Oh man,i literally started salivating reading this. I LOVED their pork. Definitely tentatively excited.


hmmm...would be nice if they are opening:)


Don't forget Birdrock Jason.....lots of changes coming to Morena in the next couple of years.

I was surprised to see the sign I'm kinda excited too!

It really would be Kat!


Great looking sandwich! I visited Island Style Cafe yesterday. I'm gonna miss the kalbi, fried rice, and shaved ice.


I'm hoping ISC finds a new home soon Soo. Zgara, when they were in PB was my go-to for Gyros. hopefully, this place will be just as good!


Great news!


Yes it is Jan!


Oh man. That gyro looks like the good stuff I used to get when I lived in Astoria, Queens. I haven't had a gyro that good in many, many years.


This would be fantastic. Zgara made it basically impossible for me to enjoy the beef-lamb type of gyros offered at places around town, so I would be happy to frequent their restaurant. In an easier to get to place, even!


They used to make some really good stuff Dave!

This is really great news, I really missed the gyros when Zgara closed.


Awesome! Definitely an upgrade over Little Caesars!


Not even in the same league Junichi! ;o) I'm hoping they are just as good as I remember!

Kerri K

Awesome news! Thanks Kirk


Yes, I'm excited about Zgara reopening Kerri. I hope it's as good as I remember. Hope all is well! Take care!


Looks like it may open as early as 8/13 or 8/14


That's awesome Stacy! Thanks for the update.


That’s the same owner and it’ll be the same good gyro 😋😋


Thanks for the info Arben!

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