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Sunday, 26 July 2020



The "free shipping" is hilarious!

Btw, it don't look like Dougie is gonna make for dinner tonight in Honolulu if you have relatives here. Hurricane Douglas is still a Cat 1 but it remains too far out at sea to make an impact.


Definitely had a chuckle, 😊!!


Hehe best thing I read today. Better safe than sorry? I guess y'all gotta contact the company about this "free" shipping though

I remember liking the Bobbie from capriotti's but I can't remember if I found another good cranberry turkey sandwich since then. Ended up making a delicious one at home though! :)


love the look, glad the box was snacks & not a bomb...even if you had to pay for their “free” postage


Yes, I've been keeping track of that because we still have family "back home" RONW - thanks for letting me know. Hope you are well! Take care!

I'm glad to have added some levity to your day RD!

We have emailed the company about this's so bad to be somewhat absurd. Glad you got a chuckle out of it.

Lol Kat! I actually took the selfie to let the Missus know I had some "protection" and ten realized how silly it looked.


Your Covid protection gear was too funny! I'm not sure I would have been so brave to open an unmarked box. Glad USPS was able to help you out a they're not exactly known to be the most efficient (I was on hold with USPS for 1h 47m on friday trying to get a hold of someone).


Yes, the USPS phone line can be at bit slow t times Faye....though appearing in person usually works well. Hope all is well!

barbara paddock

Oh gosh, thank you for the laugh on this Monday morning. Your "get up" was so funny and the "fart" proof comment made it even funnier. Bummer the sandwich was not better. Uneven spread is the worst, IMO. Have a great week!


I'm glad you enjoyed a little laugh at that rather odd, but humorous situation Barbara. Take care and have a great week!

Lynnea Fleming

that's great! free postage...for them XD And your parcel opening hazmat suit looks ideal for opening a box of mystery candy! :D


And only good for opening mystery candy Lynnea...not much good for anything else I'm afraid to say. ;o)




Yes Billy - Pretty Hope all is well!


We started having to keep notes as to what/when packages expected to be delivered because we aren't shopping as much (plus the Costco store is out but has things we purchase). I do look for 'Thanksgiving' sandwiches everywhere; this one is new to me; will make sure to ask for enough/extra stuffing.


The Missus likes ordering...tracking stuff not so much Cathy.


Emperor Kirk indeed, love it.


Hey Pavel, what's up man? Nice to hear from you. Hope all is well.

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