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Wednesday, 29 July 2020


Lynnea Fleming

Ha! this post cracked me up! :D thanks for keeping us informed of National Chicken Wing day! :) and I'm with the missus on the smell of fried things...but they are so tasty :)


Mmm... The smell of fresh fried chicken is awesome. I had some fried chicken wings from Golden Chopsticks:


Glad you enjoyed the post Lynnea.

In terms of takeout, I much prefer Royal Mandarin or Mandarin Canton Soo. The wings from GC gets soggy real quick and in my experience; it's better to eat them at the restaurant.


Better to get fried food from a restaurant than to deep fry at home. I hate cleaning up the mess. I prefer Royal Mandarin's wings; when they were closed due to the fire a few years ago, we tried the wings from different places. We were so happy when they reopened!


Definitely Sandy - Though these days I do it in the backyard using my Big Kahuna. Once I comfrtable enough with the situation; I'm definitely heading back to Royal Mandarin.


definitely being able to smell should be embraced:) stay safe!


Totally Kat! Take care!


Had Royal Mandarin a few weeks ago. They were good as usual with MSG crystals glistening on the skin.


Sounds like you're starting to get around Junichi! Glad that Royal Mandarin's wings are as good as ever! Hope all is well.

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