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Sunday, 19 July 2020



happy birthday frankie!

Alan Hays

Long live Frankie!


Frankie thanks you Kat!

Thanks so much Alan!


Happy birthday, Frankie!


Yay Frankie! So glad you are loved by your people who obviously take such good care of you. You are still looking super cute as a senior doggie! Way to go, making it to another birthday!!!

P.S. - This past weekend we also went for a drive to the Convoy area just to see all the makeshift outdoor dining set-ups (and I was sad to see China Max's burned structure... I'd previously only seen it in photos). First time ever driving to Convoy and not coming away with full bellies or takeout or groceries (it was so tempting to stop and get some takeout but we already had a fridge full of homemade leftovers... been trying to cook at home more recently). Looking forward to some day in the future when dining can be normal again. But impressed with how so many places are making it work during these crazy times! Thanks for sharing your Convoy pics too!

Lynnea Fleming

Wow, 17! Happy Birthday, Frankie! You are still as cute as ever!


Frankie thanks you James!


Somehow I just knew we would have a wonderful comment from you Dancing! Frankie sends his love!

Yeah, we gotta try and get Frankie ready to pick his college Lynnea! ;o) Thanks so much for commenting!


Happy birthday Frankie!

I shudder at the memory of that O'Brien's/Tofu House parking lot, especially with all the tents out. Does everyone just have to park on the street now?


Frankie thanks you MrZ! I was waiting for someone to mention THAT parking lot. So, the sign next to the closed O'Brien's entrance says to use street parking. But folks were parking in the center of the lot....not that'd I'd like to take my chances and do that.


Happy birthday Frankie! I went to O'Brien's for lunch on Saturday. You have to purchase a full meal so only had 2 beers. They had a nice setup.


Glad you had a chance to get out and enjoy yourself Junichi!


Happy Birthday Frankie!

Where do you park with Tent City up? Normally there are no spots around lunch time so I usually eat there after lunch.


Thanks Soo! When eating in the strip mall from hell; I used to try and go as early as possible; otherwise, I'd try to find parking on Ruffner or Opportunity Rd.

Black Belt Jonez

Happy Birthday Frankie! 17 is quit a feat for a dog! Wishing you lots of love, belly rubs, and good meals!

Hi Kirk!

I recently (within the last few months) tried Woomiok for the first time and really enjoyed my meal. The seolleongtang was better than what I had Halmuni.

I've been up in San Francisco since August of 2017, but I'm moving back to San Diego at the start of next month. I'm definitely excited to re-visit all my old haunts, even if just to get takeout or eat al fresco.

When all this Covid business has subsided, and you and the Missus find yourself back in SF, check out a restaurant called Daeho in Japantown. Their specialty is kalbijjim but I've heard their other menu items (seolleongtang included) are pretty good as well.


My goodness, it's great to hear from you Black Belt Jonez! Frankie thanks you in advance for all the belly rubs I now owe him! ;o) Welcome back to San Diego and thanks for the SF recommendations! Hope your move back goes smoothly. Take care!

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