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Sunday, 12 July 2020



farthest has been okachimachi and it was only once...other than that I try to go where I can walk without taking the train....have a safe week!


My first foray anywhere out of CV was in May. Since then, I've been as far north as OB and as far east as the new Mostra in 4S Ranch. Mask on of course and keeping my distance from folks.


Heh my map is partially the negative space of yours, though that’s in large part because I live over by Fry’s (and work in Kearny Mesa, though I’ve been working from home most of the time). If I didn’t live in this portion of Serra Mesa I wouldn’t have much reason to wander over.


Occasional forays to Alpine Beer in Alpine to refill my growlers, otherwise, staying in either 92037 (Valley Market + restaurants to-go) or 92109 (Gelson's + Better Buzzed + restaurants to-go) -- that's it. And now that 92109 is a hot spot, gonna dial that back.


Glad you got a day off. Got a meatball sub at the MG Gaglione bros when I used to work near there. It was an absolute salt bomb. Never been back. Saw a new branch of Joyee’s just opened on Poway rd but it looks out of your range. Stay safe!

Hangzhou Hero

Glad to hear you took a day off Kirk. And thank you for always posting. Reading about your adventures has been so comforting during this whole situation!


Yeah, I would not feel comfortable riding the trian either Kat.

It's kind of interesting seeing where I've actually driven since March CC.

That's so interesting Sage. Since I'm considered essential, though non-frontline I have a "footprint" that kind of fits.

Hi Peter - Yes, last time I checked that zip code was heading toward the 1300 mark with regards to positive Covid-19 cases. Great to hear from you. Take care!

Hi RD - Yes, the cheesesteak was on the salty side. Poway is a bit out of the way for now....which is kind of sad, because I used to love to head out and explore on the weekends.

Thanks HH! I really appreciate te kind words.


I can tell you that the Royal Mandarin salt and pepper wings are still good! I dropped off some wings for my brother-in-law when he had a birthday during self-quarantining. He was a happy camper. My footprint has been mostly SR/RP/Mira Mesa/Poway. In fact, I just noticed the Joyee's in Poway.


That's good to know Sandy! I'm sure he really appreciated that. Hope all is well!


Looks like we eat in roughly the same area. That's nice they give you lots of meat.


I think Gaglione Bros has always been pretty generous with the amount of "stuff" in their cheesesteaks Soo.


Farthest I've gone is Ramona and Chula Vista. All my meals have been within a 2~3 mile radius. Only dined out 5 times in the brief window we had. All on Convoy. I filled up gas the other day for the first time in 2 months!


2 months Junichi! Man and I thoguht my friend filling for the first time in 6 weeks was crazy. Great to hear from you, hadn't heard from you in a while and was starting to worry a bit. Take care!


So I ended up taking a crazier approach to COVID and just drove alot all over the place - combined with walking it was how I kept my sanity and got outside for a bit. Food wise I was very similar and part of that was finding local places I've visited in the past and spreading my eating out dollars wherever I could - mostly take out. Recently I was trying to eat out at restaurants more to support places I'm fond of and want to see do well.

I also did some trips around California, one to Santa Barbara (the urge to just get away was astronomical) and managed to eat and drink nicely on State Street. The other was Long Beach and Huntington Beach for brunch (Lowkey Burritos - best burrito stand around) and dinner with the gf and her friends. All of it car wise (again so nice to just get around) but by and large people were being safe.


We need to keep sane Loren. I'm sure you are being safe and thinking of the welfare of others as well. The Missus and I are thinking of a road trip later the year....when/if things normalize. Take care!


As far west as Mexican Hat, UT. But not for the food. :)


Man, that's quite a drive Jan.....

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