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Monday, 27 July 2020



Thanks for the informative post! I love falafel so if you find good ones in SD or come across a nice recipe, please share!


Tried them 1-2 years ago but wasn't impressed by anything in particular. Forgot about them since.

As for bc, I definitely have plenty but most I'm not excited about (taste, photos). I have one from early March I do want to post once they open again... If my laziness doesn't get in the way. :)


Hi Rd - I will let you know if I find a good falafel in San Diego.....don't hold your breath though.

Hi Lynn - I've got like 8-10 visits for follow-up from before Covid-19; I'm not so sure I'll do a follow-up on many of them....... Hope to see a new post soon (nudge-nudge)! ;o)

Som Tommy

That chicken thing really does look like a burrito. Speaking of burritos, the guys were doing a Zoom thing and we started talking about the food that most represents San Diego and it was unanimous. The California Burrito. I have been reading for almost 10 years but notice you don’t eat those?


I've had some pretty good falafel recently from North Park Grocery on El Cajon. Their prepared foods have improved. We've also gotten another dish from there a couple of times who's name I can't remember, but its like an Arabic biryani.


Geez, when was the last time I had a "CAB" ST? Good lord....

Hey Dave - Nice to hear from you! Man; I have been to NPP on ECB in ages. I'll drop by once all this Covid-19 stuff slows down. Thanks for the recommendation.


Thanks for the link Kirk! I enjoyed the bread and meats. :-)


Best falafel in San Diego IMHO; Shwarma Guys on grape street. I'm pretty firm of the belief that they're some of the best I've had since my last trip to the middle east. Of course in a wrap it's the same problem as always but you get them out of the wrap they're amazingly crisp. I also love their wraps and they may make one of the best wings in San Diego flavor wise.


My pleasure Soo.

I have them on my "list" Loren....they seem to be quite busy everytime I've passed by. So, I guess I need to get there soon. Thanks as always for the recommendation!



Yeah I mean that's something you need to call and order ahead of time, sincerely. That's what I've done every single time just to make sure it's all good.


hope you find a good falafel


Thank Loren!

I hope so too Kat! ;o)


Looks like Sim Sim closed a few weeks back. Not sure about the Carmel Mountain location. I wasn't really impressed with their food.


Hi Sandy - I understand that both locations have closed. I wasn't very impressed with their offerings either. Nice to hear form you and hope all is well.

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