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Thursday, 30 July 2020



Oh wow.....I definitely need to hele on down to pick up some grinds to show my appreciation. Good luck to them and hope they can find a new location when they are ready to


Bummer! I haven't been there in awhile, but I will make a point of getting food before they close. I hope they enjoy their break and open up somewhere soon. Wonder how Homestyle Hawaiian is doing?


Oh no. We haven't been a while but a favorite for sure. Loved me some fried pork chops with eggs and gravy.


Oh no! Haven't been there in a few years. Time for a re-visit before they close.


so sad! hope they find another place soon for you to continue to get your local fix


Oh no... Gotta visit one last time.


What a bummer. I was just there earlier this weekend getting takeout. Hope they will reopen nearby soon in the future as it is my favorite place to get local food in SD.


Hope you manage to get your fix in Jack!

My Dry Cleaners is close to the HH in Tierrasanta Sandy; looksl ike they were doing take-out.

Maybe you'll get a chance to visit before they close Jan....though I'm not sure how the pork chops would do as take-out...hmmm.......

Check them out before they close Junichi!

I'm hoping they reopen soon Kat!

I know you like the place; so hope you get a chance before the 16th Soo.

I'll folks know if/when/where they'll reopen when I find out Jess!

Lynnea Fleming

Aaaw, so sad to lose a small, family-owned business due to a difficult and greedy landlord :( so sorry they've been forced to close. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they can open up again!


I'm hoping that after a short break to re-group that they'll find a great spot for their restaurant Lynnea!


So sad to learn of their imminent closure. Such a warm and welcoming place. The food is consistently excellent. We will absolutely seek them out when they reopen somewhere else. What a lousy thing for the landlord to do under the current circumstances. My family wishes them the very best for a relaxing break and a speedy reopening (with a much better landlord!)


I'm sad as well Meghan. I hope they reopen better than ever. Thanks for taking the time out to comment!

Judy Albert

Best Hawaiian food in San Diego. We ordered take out Friday and said a sad goodbye to Teri. Left our email on her list of contacts to notify us of new location. Before illness hit us we went very regularly and took family and friends to eat there, even our relatives from Hawaii approves its authenticity. We will return at their new location. For now Aloha!


Hi Judy - Thanks for taking the time out to comment! I hope ISC finds a "home" soon....I'll be wanting a "Kaloko Moco" soon.

Harrison Bolter

We just found out about this today! We love ISC and hope, as has been stated here many times, that they are able to reopen after a break. They are wonderful people who make great food with lots of love and caring. Before we found this site, we had emailed them (the restaurant email account; does anybody have other contact info for them that is OK to share?) asking if they are OK and what’s up.

Hang in there, Teri and the family! We are ready to support you in any way we can!

Harrison and Susan


Thanks for stopping by Harrison. I'll try to keep things up to date as I find out about things. Perhaps one of our readers can provide that info.

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