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Tuesday, 02 June 2020



Nice post, especially the last part.


Thanks RD!

barbara paddock

Kirk, nicely said! Breaking bread together has always been trans-formative throughout history in bringing people together. Especially between cultures. I was lucky enough to have progressive parents so we had all kinds of folks and their cultural foods in my home growing up in the early 60s. My parents were very adventurous eaters. I am so grateful for that experience and have brought it forward in my life. That is why I enjoy your blog so much. Thank you for all you do!

John Ikeda

Loved the last paragraph because it represents being accepted by another Ohana. By sharing food and accepting all cultures as equal contributors, truly is the Aloha spirit that is Hawaii's strength. I hope the locals can survive the pandemic and recovery- Hawaii got expensive,crowded and limited with jobs. Living in Paradise unfortunately got to be more stressful.

I am amazed at the long history and quality of your blog - that is Great Ownership. It is always upbeat and entertaining- thank you. I wonder if we crossed paths at Korea House for Chicken Alice wings in the 80's - great Boomer memories.
Take care, stay healthy and eat well for you,
the Missus and Cathy. Aloha from a fan.


Thanks so much Barbara. You were lucky to have parents that exposed you to various cultures. It makes life so much more rewarding.

Mahalo John! You made my day and captured what makes growing up in Hawai'i, at least it seems for our generations so special. And, I'm sure I must have ran into you at Korea House on Keeaumoku, we used to go there all.....whoa, maybe TMI???? ;o) Thanks again for the kind words! Take care!


food definitely brings everyone together...thanks for always sharing your meals :)


It sure does Kat! Thanks for always reading and commenting on our posts!

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