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Sunday, 07 June 2020



Hmm cheesesteak! I surprisingly like Jersey Mike’s version, not much of a stickler for authenticity. Yet to find a banh mi place with great bread in SD, though K sandwiches is decent. Thanks for the blog and happy belated birthday to your wife!


hoping for better sandwiches for you:)


Hi RD - I thought Banh Mi Bakery was the best of the "baked inhouse" set.....though last time I looked they were still closed. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!

Thanks Kat!


The inconsistency of bread in SD astounds me and I wonder why. I grew up in a city where most restaurants bought their bread from bakeries who specialized in making the particular bread and rolls that the food required. Consistency was a given. I bought a sub the other day and the bread was mushy and stale (hard to do both but they did.)The only bread that seems to usually be good is the bolillo rolls in Mexican restaurants. (sorry about the rant)


Yes, it's rather strange alnc. Paris Baguette, which supplies a lot of banh mi to various shops is pretty consistent when you purchase the bread at the bakery....however, shelf life on banh mi is a rather small window and is changes quite quickly.

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