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Thursday, 25 June 2020



Great post, sometimes food is about going to place just because it's convenient, good, and friendly. There's a taco shop next to my work that I go to 2x a week. Definitely not the best taco shop in the area... but it hits the spot, I can walk there, and I like supporting the owner.


Neighborhood spots are the best; they serve an important function for folks in the area.

Thanks for your kind words too. I've only done one new one but have a few more up my sleeve.


Mmm.... Donuts. :-). I'll have to try them on my next Costco trip.


I know everything is about influencing and sponcon, but as a consumer of information I never trust those posts because I always feel like I'm being hustled. The information I get from you and the dwindling number of others like you feels pure in a way that monetized content never will. So what I'm trying to say is I'm a fuddy-duddy like you - though I prefer "traditionalist." *shaka*


supporting local always important. keep up with your posts, they are always a joy to read. take care!


Yes, you are totally right Jason!

I've seen all those photos in Flickr CC, so I can't wait for those new posts.

Check them out Soo....really nice couple.

Thanks James....."traditionalist"; I like that!

So true Kat!


States are shutting down bars again. Cases are spiking. Most young people don't wear masks in public I noticed. That's why I'm still sticking to take-out for the foreseeable future. Luckily Sab E Lee is within walking distance for me! I phone my order, take a nice walk and pick up my food.


We're keeping with takeout for now as well Junichi! I wish Thai Papaya was reopening for takeout.... Hope all is well.


I'm retroactively posting, ha ha. But will be doing newer ones as well.


That great CC! Looking forward to those posts.

Lynnea Fleming

Great post! Totally agree about supporting the local places in our neighborhoods even if they don't necessarily offer the absolute best (insert product here). It's about relationships and feeling like we all belong!


Hi Lynnea - Yes, totally. So good to hear from you and hope both you and Matthew are doing well.


So glad that you’re continuing to post regularly. I always look forward to seeing the new posts!


Thanks so much Stephanie. We hope all is well!

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