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Wednesday, 03 June 2020



glad you can work from home & be with Frankie too:)

John Ikeda

Can't do much when you get Slammed and understaffed.
You're slow on comments- give you a side comment about businesses and restaurants.
Perspectives I tell young workers.
1st Law of Work- Work is easy for those who don't have to do it- and the one's who complain the most are the ones who understand the work the least.
A good boss should always value their workers because they are the ones who get the work done. A good customer is patient because the work is hard, you're not doing it.

2nd Law - Your Main Mission statement is to Know how to deliver a Good Repeat Product Efficiently ie what do you call a restaurant that serves lousy food? Out of business. Someone told me it had to be better- and I said, if it requires a higher level of effort with no added compensation- go pound sand. The boss knows what is good enough and should train properly. That sets the bar right.

3rd Law - Embrace Good Ownership, know what it is. Ie You rent a house or you own a house, which do you maintain better? The one you own - but remember not all homeowners are good homeowners. The good ones have pride in their property and work at maintaining it - discipline and love. People will always see good Ownership and its due to the Owner being accountable. Also if you show good Ownership as an Employee, you will rise far.

Thought I'd give you a Boomers memory AKA Rev Paul Otsumi column from the Advertiser.
Think of the Boeing 737 Max - they failed all 3 laws. How does this apply to any business? 100%, especially restaurants.
It is great you got the cooking skills so you can recover from anything - kudos to you!!

Wishing the best for Frankie. I know it tears your heart, he's your son. PS we probably saw each other as Competition at Korea House - lol. Glad to see SD opening up. Seattle got beat up a lot. Cheers.


Glad to hear about work slowing down and getting some flexibility. Glad to hear you got some comforting food too, love that style chicken with the ginger scallion dip but man GC epitomizes hit or miss for me. Best to you and Frankie.


I am too Kat!

My goodness John.....flashbacks to "Today's Thought". Hope things start getting better in SEA. Take care!

Hi RD - We and especially Frankie thanks you! Take care!


I happened to get takeout from Noble Chef on June 1; I didn't even know they had closed. I will try your hack on the leftover roast duck. Golden City was next on my takeout list; I'll make sure to order online!


You had perfect timing Sandy! They just reopened on June 1st! I went ahead and busted out the toaster oven which had been sitting unused just for crisping up roast duck skin. Be careful to make sure the skin doesn't burn. Have fun!


That's good Golden City has lots of business. Look forward to visiting Noble Chef and getting some duck. I drove by a bunch of times hoping they would reopen.


I'll bet Frankie is over the moon to have one of his humans keeping him company.

I wish Frankie many more happy years. I don't know if this helps, but I lost my Chihuahua this fall at almost 20, and he was born with a liver shunt that should have reduced his lifespan. The last few years of his life, he was going through congestive heart failure, but was happy and full of great quality of life till that last day. And I had been freaking out about him being geriatric since he was 13, and he had many more years in him. I wish the same for frankie - not the diseases, but the quality of life and health for more years to come. Furbabies are the best babies.


Noble Chef has been open since the 1st Soo....we've been there twice already for take-out.

That's amazing H! He must have been some special little one. Frankie is mostly happy to have his "snack connection" home. He was born with a heart murmur; but he's pretty tough..... He thanks you for the well wishes!

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