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Saturday, 02 May 2020



great time to catch up with all those travel posts:) looking forward to reading them!


Thanks Kat!


I love your travel posts - can't wait till they return! *shaka*


Thanks James! Hope all is well.


Yay, Kirk! Amazing photos! Canʻt wait to hear more about your adventures! Thank you for all that you do.


Yes! I have always loved the vicarious thrills of reading about your travels, and since we are all apparently stuck at home for a while, I would love the distraction. Even reading about eating out is a wonderful diversion these days!


Beautiful pics. Love the one with the camel shadows on the sand. Thanks.


Yes please keep sharing your travel experiences. No guilt in sharing them now. It’s a bummer having to cancel travel plans. Hopefully we can all start planning again soon. Luckily I did a big trip in January (Singapore) and luckily just missed the outbreak starting in Asia.


Thanks again for the wonderful emails Kerri!

Thanks Sandy - I'll start those up again this weekend.....

That was an amazing day in the Grand Erg Oriental ALNC.

I'm glad you made it back in time Denver!

Som Tommy

I can’t wait for more travel posts


Thanks ST....I know you were one of the folks who encouraged me to start up those type of posts again.


Yes please to more travel reminders! I can't wait to be in an airport again.


I LOVE your travel posts. I've been following your blog since the early peru and latin america travels. I love how you take a region and just continue going back till you've "finished" the entire region, then move on to another location.

I like your blog (as opposed to blogs focused on just travel) because you share your travel experiences mostly through the lens of food, which is such a great way to understand a culture.

If most of your followers are like me, we're living vicariously through your travel posts even when the world isn't shut down. I understand your travels were pre-covid, and seeing them would be a nice reminder of the world that's still out there, waiting for this all to be over.


Great to see a line up of many of the places you've visited and posted about here on your blog! You are so thoughtful to hold off posting since people can't travel, but I, for one, am looking forward to more travel posts when you are comfortable with posting them again :)


Will do Amanda!

Thanks so much H! I'll get back doing those posts. Hope all is well and thanks for reading all these years!

I will Lynnea! Thanks so much! Hope all is well!


Take your time on your travel posts. I always enjoy reading what you have visited, tasted, experienced. I like that you do make sure that they are researched well. I'm one of those that doesn't just scroll through the pix...I like knowing the history that you share through your travel posts. Thank you for all that you do for us readers!


Thanks CC! Appreciate your comments and still reading all these years!

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