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Tuesday, 26 May 2020



Thanks Dereck! I'll do my best....

Thanks YY!

Thanks so much for reading, all your comments, and recommendations Lynnea. Our blog just wouldn't be the same without you!


Congratulations on 15!! I have to say, you are the blog that I have consistently been reading the longest. I think I started around 2006...I was in college, but missing San Diego. Your posts always made me feel like I was back home, eating some of my favorite meals. Or traveling the world, trying the same meals you guys were experiencing. Here's to another 15!


Thanks so much Elle! For reading, commenting, and all the great recommendations!


Wow--what a milestone! Congratulations and best wishes for more of your great work, Kirk!


Happy 15th!

I think I came here when googling for reviews about Rickshaw Cafe. That must have been 2007ish. And then pretty soon after, you did a post about (the original) Sab E Lee, and I made sure to go try it out with a coworker. That coworker liked it so much that he started getting food from there every week.


Thanks so much alnc!

Hey, so nice to hear from you MrZ! Man, Rickshaw a sushi bar I think? Seems so long ago now. Hope all is well in SEA for you all! Take care!


Thanks TFD! Man, it's been a decade already!

Som Tommy

Wow 15 years! Amazing. I have been reading since around 2014.


Thanks so much ST!



I think I found your blog around 2007. Discovered a lot of great places because of this blog. Sushi Yaro, Fernandez, Taco Revolucion, Chon Ju Jip, and the “fastest Pho in the West” whose name escapes me.


Thanks so much Denver.....and I think you're referring to Pho Hoa Huong!


Congrats, old friend and blogging compadre! Although I've been a lurker for the past couple of years, I check up on what you've been eating and take your tips whenever I'm in the SD area (or in Hawaii!). You know I've been following you from the beginning because we started around the same time!!!

Kudos on how consistently you have kept up and maintained the quality of food journalism on this blog for so long, while the rest of us, including myself, have not.

I think you are one of the longest-running, most informative, most comprehensive, most engaging restaurant review blogs in the history of blogs.

Congrats again and I hope you continue on forever!


Hey Elmo! It's great to hear from you. Those words...coming from you mean so much and made my day! Hope all is well!


Congrats! Love this blog -- thanks for keeping us in the loop on your latest food discoveries -- and re-discoveries!


Thanks so much Kirk for all your posts (mostly here, of course, but on CH also in the earlier days). I moved here in September 2005 and found your blog while searching for restaurants before the big move. I always thought it was JV's post that was the first one that drew me in, but I think it might have been Mama's Lebanese (based on the dates).
You've never steered me wrong and I look forward to another 15 years of great meals/recommendations!


Thanks so much Peter!

Wow Campy! That post on Mama's was back in August of 2005! Thanks so much for reading and commenting all these years! I think I used to post on CH all the way back to 2001?? yikes...


well here i am commenting late as usual. i read your blog regularly but only like once every couple of weeks or so and then i'll catch up on a bunch of posts at once (and I usually only comment once in a while, although i will almost for sure comment if frankie makes an appearance). i've been reading since around the beginning of your blog! was looking for a noodle place to eat in L.A. and came across a link to your blog in Daily Gluttony's page at the time. decided to email you in Feb 2006 to ask you about Noodle House of Otemoyon that disappeared from convoy around 2004 (and about Nagasaki champon). i still have that email! congrats and happy 15 years to your blog!!! it's been my favorite food (and then travel) blog all these years. has yet to be surpassed. thank you (and your other contributors) for keeping it awesome and keeping it going all these years. here's to many more years of your wonderful food and travel posts (and to less unusual days than these days... i hope you and the Missus can resume the traveling you like to do in the near future)! thank you for blogging these last 15 years! =)


Thanks Dancing! Both Frnakie and I always appreciate and look forward to your comments! Thanks so much for reading all these years!


Congrats for 15 years. What a milestone! Thank you for being so diligent with blogging especially during this time. Wishing you more happy years of writing -


Thanks Faye!

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