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Tuesday, 26 May 2020



Congrats on 15 years! I started following in 2011, when I found out that I'd be moving to San Diego soon. Always wished we could have met and chatted over a meal IRL (who knows, might still happen!), and always grateful for your insightful and honest posts. Happy blogversary!


Awesome! Happy 15!

I started I think around 2007. Moved away from San Diego but kept reading, and have been back for several years now. Keep on publishing, please!


Thanks Soo!

I'm humbled RD....thanks so much. It's always rewarding to hear that folks are able to use what we put out.

Hi Elle! Thank you for thinking of us when you find some new, good place to eat as well. We try to keep a low profile and really aren't into rewards or any of those things. I'm just happy to have great folks like you reading and commenting!

Oh my....I really do miss Karina. We had one chance to meet up when she was visiting San Diego, but she wasn't feeling well. She always had a great sense of humor....when she was visiting and asked for some recommendations......she was mostly eating vegetarian; I recommended Slater's! She got a kick out of that. Thanks for visiting and taking the time out to comment Amanda. And especially for mentioning Santos! Take care!

I do hope it happens when you visit San Diego Jinxi! You know where to find me, right? I hope you are well....and do miss your posts!

My goodness, is it truly, the one and only DaveM???? Wow, hearing from you, it is indeed a special day! Please let me know if "Hot Green Peas" is going to be back "on the menu"! So nice hearing from you!


Happy 15th Blogaversary Kirk! I have been reading your blog since 2006...I have enjoyed not just your posts but also posts from the late ed from Yuma and of course Cathy, who is a good friend now in real life. Glad to have met you and enjoyed meals with you as well. May you continue to have many more years of blogging (provided that you still enjoy it, have the time, etc). As always, keep the posts coming... food, travel and whatever is on your mind. Congrats again!


Thanks so much CC! It's always a pleasure seeing you. Hope all is well....and I'm still waiting on those new posts! (hint-hint) ;o) Take care!

John M. Dowd

You have been a pleasure to read and an invaluable resource for me and my family to find great, local, ethnic, inexpensive and unique dining experiences. You are simply the best and please keep going.


This is the blog I've read the longest. Thank you for all you do.


Thanks so much John! I appreciate the very kind words and am glad you are able to find some use out of our blog!

Thanks so much for the amazing compliment Wendy! And thank you so much for reading!


I've been around since about 2007, as I mentioned before, right around the time you started your peru phase (I mean both going there and also visiting peruvian places when you got back). I've learned so much from your blog, both your visits to local restaurants and your travels. (unfortunately, I've also learned that my area, which has one of the highest concentrations of Chinese people in the US, outside of California, has unfairly poor options for real chinese food, compared to San Diego. Thai food as well. It's all american based). I also really enjoy Cathy's posts, and enjoyed Ed's as well, so sad about his passing.

I found your blog through ono kine grindz, I think.

For such a long-time reader, I think I've only commented about 5 or 6 times, I never really have anything to add to the conversation.

Happy Blogaversary. Here's to 15 more. Maybe you and the missus will have finished travelling the entire world by then and I look forward to reading about every location.


Congratulation on your 15th year blog! I can't believe I read your blog 10 years ago. I still have all the recipes I printed off your site. It was how I met Cathy as well. Thanks for all the recommendations and your knowledge! You are truly a food walking dictionary!

Kevin Wan

Started reading in 2007 when I moved to SD. Haven't stopped since. Congrats. I'd love to meet you and take you out for Omakase sometime. -Kevin


Thanks so much H! I really have enjoyed your comments - I still have to make that schmaltz one day and loved your comment on langos. Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I really miss Reid's posts. Take care!

Thanks so much Kevin! Perhaps we will meet to grab a bite one day....once all of this craziness is over. Thanks for reading....for man, 13 years!


Congratulations! We discovered you when we first moved to SD in late 2006 from DC and were looking for a dim sum spot - and have been following your recommendations ever since. I figured since you're a fellow local boy, you knew what you're doing! Here's to another 15! *shaka*


hot green peas! how do you remember these things? i actually still own the domain, but don't really use it. can't let go...

I did a search and found a comment from me from April 2006!


Thanks so much James! We've appreciated your comments over the years.....I'm glad our recommendations work out for you.

I'm not sure...but I tend to remember the weirdest things Dave.....don't ask me about "necropants", ok? ;o) My friends call me a "cesspool of useless information". It's great hearing from you! The domain must be telling you something......


Congratulations on reaching this milestone, Kirk--you are the best!


Thanks so much ALNC! You made my day!




I can't remember when I started reading, but my best guess is around 2009 or so. Keep it up and I will stay on board!

Lynnea Fleming

Happy 15th blogiversary!! :) I got curious the other day after realizing that I’ve been reading your blog since 2006 and I looked back through your archives to find the first post that led me to read mmmyoso—it was the 2006 tet festival post! I was looking up cool things to do and places to go in San Diego as preparation for moving here from Oregon and I was so intrigued by the amazing variety of food and cultures that were represented by all your posts and the food. So a very big thank you to You and The Missus for the amazing work you have done on this blog for the past 15 years!!

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