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Friday, 01 May 2020


Barbara Paddock

Thank you for your blog. I have been a loyal lurker since pretty much the beginning. I especially appreciate your blog posts during this time. I am in the "at risk" group so I've been home for the duration. Seeing your posts really provides a lift for me. Best wishes for health, Barbara


Hi Barbara - Thanks so much for taking the time out to comment, you made my day! Please take care and be that perhaps one day I can read another comment from you! Take care and thanks so much!


Since you like recommendations: Do you ever get out to the Vista area? If so, try Hungry Bear Deli/Subs. It's owned by one of the best guys I know, a friend since middle school, and named as an homage to a sandwich shop in Miami that fills us former miamians with such nostalgia, it's often the first stop off the plane! I've never been to so. cali, so I've never been to his place, but everything he posts looks amazing, and he has great yelp reviews (used to be in escondito, but moved to vista).

Just a suggestion...

That shrimp roll looks delicious. I don't know why, but I've been obsessed with shrimp lately. As a vegetarian for over 2 decades, and a very reluctant pescatarian for almost one decade, I don't usually eat or want fish/seafood unless someone serves it to me at their house (I'm a pescatarian for others' convenience). But for the past 2 months, it's been an obsession, the only food I think about. Very weird.


I do like recommendations H. Thanks! I think these times are making us crave all kinds of stuff...I know I have had a really weird strange craving over the last three weeks.


I usually get their sandwiches as a fried rice bowl instead. It's so much food I can't finish it in one sitting.


looks great!


I tend to enjoy their salads during hot weather Junichi.....and you're right, the portions aren't small!

It was Kat!


Ditto Barbara’s comment! Didn’t know SS had fries or you could get fried rice instead of sandwiches, even more reason to go more often.


Hi RD - Those garlic fries are pretty good. I think they charge a buck extra to turn it into fried rice. Hope all is well!

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