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Wednesday, 06 May 2020



Also not a sweets guy but the savory food looks good. My visits here, like yours, have been hit or miss. Thanks for the blog and stay safe.


everything sounded great!


I love their fried catfish:

barbara paddock

I have always wondered about this place. Thank you for reviewing it again. I "need" to try those red beans and rice. To health and happy eating! Thank you, Barbara


About that gumbo that was stringy. I was taught that if you add the file during cooking, this can occur, and that it is best to add the file after the gumbo is cooked. We add it at the table when serving. How did you like this place compared to Bud's?


Thanks RD!

It was better than on previous visits Kat!

That's great Soo!

It's been kinda hit or miss Barbara - on this visit things were actually quite good. Hope all is well! Take care!

It was that way on previous visits alnc - what bothered me most regarding the Gumbo on those visits was how greasy-bitter it the roux had really been burnt; which usually can be tamed down. This time though; it was pretty good. In comparison to Bud's, I'd say the flavors here are more intense and the food a bit more rustic. Bud's has been pretty mild in terms of flavor on my last visit.

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