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Monday, 18 May 2020



Looks really promising, when things open back up it'll be nice to see what they can really do with their full menu. Impressive that their tonkatsu withstood the drive home, take out is probably the least forgiving to fried foods.


Hi Jason - Yes, I was quite impressed with the tonkatsu - it held really well. I'll probably order from them again...maybe this week.


I'm also impressed that the tonkatsu held up for takeout. I look forward to trying the tonkatsu. I've never had menchi katsu, so I'd like to try it. BTW, I used your tips on brining the chicken katsu, and it turned out well. I used chicken thighs instead of breasts, so I think I'll tackle karaage next.


The owners parents run a tonkatsu joint in Japan. Glad the katsu delivered.


It was quite good Sandy. Glad brining the chicken worked out for you.

Good to know Junichi! I did enjoy the Tonkatsu.


Looks good! Hopefully someday you will find karaage in SD that you like 😂, but I’m not holding my breath.


Great write-up!! Impressive you got to visit a few times lol. I ordered the sandwich over the weekend and the pork tasted great. I think the sauce is also a bit too sweet for me, so if I were order the sandwich again maybe I'll ask to have it on just one side. Loin katsu would have been my other choice, so I'm glad you got that :)

My friend's curry tasted good, but I am not much of a judge on curry haha. I was surprised they included some veggies like eggplant and broccoli. I gotta go back and try more!


I thought Yakyudori made decent karaage RD.....and Sakura used to be pretty good as well; though it's been a while. Hope all is well. Take care!

Hi Elle - That "sando" must be popular since they were out of it on my last visit. Loved how the crunchiness of the tonkatsu held up. I'll probably go back this week to get my fix too!


hope you’ll be able to try more items!


I hope so too Kat! Take care!


Oooo very nice. On my list. I do miss Yamadaya. I didn’t like Yamachan.


Bummer the garage wasn't that good. I don't like my food really salty.


Was not a big fan of Yamachan DEnver and I thought that Yamadaya started out strong but really went downhill after a while. Definitely check out the Tonkatsu here.

Hi Soo - I think your text autocorrect has taken over! Lol!

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