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Thursday, 21 May 2020



Great post! Taisho looks tasty—happy eating! DTF for us. We’ve gotten takeout and made our own XLB but it just wasn’t the same. Honestly though I’m not sure when we will feel comfortable enough to dine in even though places are opening up and SD seems kind of done with Corona.


It may take a while for us to actually dine in as well RD. Take care!


I too will probably not dine in for awhile. I think my first restaurant meal would be where I can at the sushi bar. We got takeout from Sushi Ota on Mother's Day, and the sushi hit the spot. They had a lot of orders lined up! Agree with Red Devil that takeout from Din Tai Fung is not the same as eating in for the XLB.


Funny. I was at Taisho that same night sitting at the counter in front of Kuma-san. Were you the one sitting in the far left corner? If so I think I was sitting right by you!


I totally get it Sandy! Glad you got your sushi fix in.Hope all is well.

Yes Junichi, that was me, sitting at the left side of the counter. Small world!


looking forward to anywhere they cook & wash the dishes afterwards:)


I would say Hino. My kids can eat at least 20+ chicken hearts plus other items and bankrupt me. BUT...I probably won't be back for awhile.


Totally understand that Kat! Guess who does all the cooking AND the dishes afterward in our household? ;o)

They've got good taste TFD!


Mmm... Great looking yakitori.


It was delicious Soo!


Taisho re-opening for dine-in starting tonight!


Hi Junichi - Yes, my friends also sent me some texts messages about that. I'm wondering what the set-up will be like.


Kuma-san has decided to head back to Japan. His last day at Taisho is this Saturday.


Man, what a bummer Junichi! I saw the parking lot tents up for Taisho the other day. Thanks for letting me know.


I went last Tuesday and they were doing good business. They said sales were almost the same as pre-Covid so the news came to me as a surprise.


There were people in line when I drove by at 4pm last week Junichi.

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