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Sunday, 19 April 2020



Hanging in there, battling anxiety and frustration. I don’t want to alienate any of your followers but as a healthcare provider, I just get overwhelmingly frustrated with how our federal government is acting. Ok enough of that, we are cooking lots and trying to support our local restaurants with take out and groceries. Hope you guys are staying safe. You are definitely eating well! Your blog is a welcome respite from all the awful news so keep it going. Thanks


Pho Hoa in City Heights is still open when I passed by recently. Yeah, not a fan of the fries at In n Out either. I tried animal fries once, but seemed heavy to me.


I get fries well done and they're actually pretty good.


Hi RD, hang in there.....

Hi Elle - It's nice to heard from you...haven't been around City Heights since things got crazy. I'm hoping all the businesses hang in there. Take care!

Hi Peter - Hard and dry to me.....but I know a lot of folks who love the fries at In-N-Out.


I'm not a fan of In-N-Out's fries either, but now a burger looks pretty good! I got takeout from the RP location of Sab-E-Lee. They were pretty busy with orders lined up at the counter ready for pickup.


The gold standard for fast food fries is still McDs. I don't think anyone actually enjoys ordering In N Out fries, they just get them because they need something to eat with the burger.


That Double-Double was quite satisfying Sandy. My friends told me that Sab-E-Lee in Linda Vista was doing some major business as well. Hope all is well.

I totally agree Jason!

A Pam near Boston

As we are avoiding in person shopping, our fridge and freezer are bulging with delivered groceries. We really miss going to Boston Chinatown, sitting down for dimsum, and picking up some Asian greens. We're thinking about masking up, and making a trip to the 99 Ranch that recently opened in Quincy. May all our favorite places re-open when we get to the other side of the Great Pause. Be well.


I'm doing ok. Getting takeout from my fav spots still open. I visited Chicago Fire Grill and Golden Island last.


Is this Pam from Santee? My goodness, it's nice to hear from you. I think most of us are facing similar situations and decisions. Hope you and your loved ones are doing well! Take care!

I'm sure George from Chicago Fire Grill had some "pearls of wisdom" for you Soo! Glad you are doing well.


I cancelled my upcoming trips too. No penalty fees was a relief. I never get the fries at In N Out either.


Glad you didn't get penalized for the cancellations Junichi!


We are holding up alright. My daughter is finishing her 2nd year at SDSU. She is not a fan of the online classes, especially as a fine arts major. Both my husband and I have been working for home. Easy for him as an IT guy, but challenging for me as a high school counselor. In fact, I had muy first virtual meetings through Google meets this afternoon.

In and Out fries are like cardboard to me. I would rather eat McD's or Rally's.

I have been doing a lot of home cooking oling and only grocery shopping every 2 weeks (Ranch 99, Sprouts and Grocery Outlet). We do some takeout now and then as well.

Right now, road trips are just a pipe dream but I am already thinking of where to go once this is over....

Your posts during this time will seen as a time capsul


looking forward to the day when I can ride the train to get my shake shack fix :) take care!


Good to know all of you are safe and in good health CC! I think many of us are dreaming about being able to travel again. Take care!

I hope you'll be able to do that in the near future Kat!


I gave up on the fries. I just order two double doubles.


Lol Kyle - It seems rather unanimous! It is much like Santouka's Egg! ;o)


Double-Double & a Chocolate Shake. Their fries are sad. I'm not really a fry guy anyway, but warm cardboard isn't ever good eats.


Hi Eddie - Yes, really not a fan of those fries. Hope you are well. And hope you finally made it to R&B....heck, I got a takeout post coming up on them as well.

Pam from Santee

Hi Kirk,

Yes, I am indeed Pam from Santee. I've lived near Boston for years in Middlesex county, which is a bit of hotspot (thanks a lot, Biogen). We're fine so far. Thank you for asking.

I was able to visit my Mom last January, and even got my cousins to join us for dinner at Aqui es Texcoco. That place is a required stop for me now!

Looks like I won't be visiting California again any time soon, so I continue to enjoy your posts from afar.

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