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Sunday, 12 April 2020



happy easter! your soup looks perfect for the rain we are having today...take care!


Best wishes to you and The Missus and Frankie too!


Our best wishes to you, too!


Thanks Kat!

Hope all is well Lynnea! Frankie sends his best!

Thanks so much Jeni. Hope all is well.


Looks like a great Easter meal!


Soup looks tasty. Been craving bean soup (specifically the one from Taco Bar) but no luck finding beans. Glad you had a nice day off!


Best wishes to your family as well!

Hope you've been able to enjoy takeout during these weird times. I've been enjoying Menya takeout, I actually prefer it more than eating at the restaurant! Don't have to deal with waiting in line or checking in early. There's also a new Izakaya on Clairemont Mesa I'd like to try, gotta keep these places afloat until restrictions are lifted.


It was simple and hit the spot Soo!

Hi RD - I know what you mean. Our order from Rancho Gordo was delayed three weeks and now they are out of almost everything with no delivery until the end of May!

Funny you should mention Menya Jason. There's a post coming up. And are you referring to EE Nami or something like that? Are they open already?


Soup! Did that myself for Easter. Had linguica stowed in my freezer, half a bag of lentils, and made it green with kale. Good stuff.


Soup here, too. Roasted butternut squash version with some other roasted root veggies. Made what my mom would call a levain french bread to go with it. What the heck is going on with the flour shortage these days? Someone told me that even yeast was hard to find. Thanks for mentioning Menya, Kirk.

I'm finding things in my freezer that I didn't know were there.


Sounds great Jan!

Seems like everyone is trying to make bread pass the time I guess. Menya was probably the best take-out I've done so far.


Yeah I'm referring to EE Nami, they unfortunately happened upon the worst time to open a restaurant, but they are offering a limited menu bento box meals togo.


I'll try to check (at least the take-out) them out Jason!

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