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Monday, 13 April 2020



Not bad, do they offer uncooked noodles as an option?


I'm not sure. I think you can request that Jason. I was a bit surprised because the noodles from Santouka are among my favorite.


Was Mitsuwa crowded?


looks great! especially the egg ;)

Lynnea Fleming

You crack me up with the homemade egg! XD It’s exactly the sorta thing I would do and is such a great idea. Too bad they probably wouldn’t take kindly to someone bringing in an egg from home to eat ramen in the restaurant(when it opens again…if it opens again), since their eggs are just so, so bad.


Only about 5-6 people in Mitsuwa Soo....they are kinda limiting access; thoguh it's not as organized as Nijiya.

Lol Kat......yes, the egg!

They asked me if I wanted a free egg Lynnea! And I declined......


Looked like Santouka but that perfect egg had me wondering until I read your explanation. Love Santouka but their eggs not so much!


I think everyone, pretty much across the board dislikes the eggs from Santouka RD!


Wow this must be the first time they ever allowed take-out. The egg in the pic threw me off too. For a sec I thought they finally updated their egg.


Funny how folks quickly locked into that egg Junichi! I thing it's quite telling.... Hope all is well.

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