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Wednesday, 08 April 2020



wow that is sad, didn’t know you had an earthquake too...stay safe! take care.


Yes, it seems to just never end right now Kat!


I guess if you have to shut down for repairs, it might as well be during a time when business is slow anyway...


I guess.....but I think they'd preferred to nto have to GFG.


Bummer about the fire at China Max; I had not been there in many years. At our house, we were just talking about Royal Mandarin and their fire a few years ago. I hope China Max will rebound as well.


Yes, I remember the Royal Mandarin fire sandy. Do you believe that was over ten years ago already? Sheesh. Hoping CM can rebuild. Hope you and yours are healthy and doing well.


Misery loves company. Hope they and the surrounding businesses can recover.


China Max was our family's fav spot for get togethers.


I hope so too RD...sounds like they're going to make a go of it. Hope all is well.

I'm hoping they will rebuild like they say Soo.


My friend works across the street and alerted me while it was happening. Hope they can rebuild.


I hope so too Junichi!


Oh, wow. I remember seeing the news on Twitter about the fire as it was happening, but I didn't realize the damage was so extensive. It's gutted. :( I hope they rebuild, too.


I hope so too Jessica! Take care!

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