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Monday, 09 March 2020



Yeah I hate the Santouka egg too. It's especially surprising for the flagship restaurant in japan, where literally every other ramen shop knows how to cook a perfect ramen egg. I can imagine a former cook at Ichiran getting hired to work at Santouka, and on the first day the conversation goes:

“Ok, to make the eggs, boil them for 20 min“
“Uhhhh… did you really say 20? Shouldn’t you do 6 min?”
“No no no, we like to boil ours for 20, our customers enjoy a chalky powdery yolk”
“Uhhhh… are you sure? Most folks like a smooth creamy yolk”
“No no no no, chalky powdery yolk is the way to go…”

Derek R

Oh man - those pictures are a tease and make me hungry for the old days! 1st set is Ba Ren and regardless of my efforts at home and riffing on your recipe I can't seem to emulate their cold noodle. I feel like there's an X-factor ingredient I'm missing...

Via #2 - I can't think of the name but it's the pork gyro in PB where pop's cheesesteaks used to me. It's funny, I was talking to my chiropractor (who is also in PB) about that place last week - it used to be one of his favorites.

Thanks for sharing the pictures/memories =)


Lol Jason......I know; that tamago is terrible.

Hi Derek - Yes, it's Zgara....or was Zgara in PB. Man, I miss that place. As for the Sichuan Liang Mian, I think it might be the MSG and also the Sichuan Peppercorn oil. I'm going to start making it again when the weather gets warmer and see if I can amp up the recipe a bit. Hope all is well! And yes, I can't get my recipe to match Ba Ren's either.


I too am puzzled by the egg at Santouka. Nobody likes it. I tried them in Japan also and it was the same. Must be how the owner likes his eggs.


I guess those eggs get a pretty much a unanimous thumbs down Junichi! Or....great minds think alike.... ;o)


Soup aka red dots on shirt weather👍❤️


A badge of honor RD! ;o)


Ahhh, I miss Ba Ren!


We do too CC!


bummer about the egg


At they're consistent Kat! ;o)

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