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Sunday, 22 March 2020


Hangzhou Hero

Same to you Kirk; stay healthy and safe out there!


Glad Frankie got his chicken thighs! :) and glad you and the Missus are hanging in there! other than a friend having to bring us TP and having a slight shortage on eggs last week, we’re doing fine :D


glad frankie got chicken thighs! stay safe & healthy you guys!


Love the toilet paper calculator. I didn't see a line at our Sprouts on Saturday between 4-5 but there was a small line into Vons when we did a neighborhood walk around 6ish. Sprouts had chicken breasts and was stocked on veggies yay!


Stay safe HH!

Yeah, boy were we relieved....though I gotta make another batch this week Lynnea. Hope you and Matthew are doing ok.

We were too Kat!

I think things might be settling down a bit Lynn....though no toilet paper or hand sanitizer in sight. The bottle neck now is the limited access. I hope all is well!


LOl, didn't know you were one of those people. Stay safe.


I am everyman Kobi! ;o) - "Everyman is me. I am his brother. No man is my enemy. I am Everyman and he is in and of me."


There's always one, isn't there?"

That is one too many.


Yes....there always is ALNC. And he was so brave to yell that at me as he drove away.


Sorry you experienced that Kirk, makes me so sad. Since moving down from LA I’ve noticed open racism is more common down here.
On a brighter note, I’ve been mining your old recipes and found much gold and quite a bit of Agave syrup as well 😂 (used your bbq chicken recipe to make musubi for my lunch for week—essential worker)


That's good you found what you needed. I didn't want to try the line at Costco either.


Definitely weird times indeed. Hopefully you got down to Catalina OP to get some of that ahi tuna they have on sale.


I'm glad you found some use for those recipes RD! And yes; I am fond of Agave Syrup!

It was crazy stood in line to be let into Costco.....

Sorry to say I didn't Jason.....been worknig essentially every day.


Get a bidet. They are a revelation.

Did the guy at Costco yell at you because you are Asian?

Looks like people are going to the Asian markets now. They were my go-to’s lately but looks like they’re now getting bare too. Mexican supermarkets have also been my go to.

Stay safe and healthy


I have a portable bidet. They're a lifesaver in this crazy environment. Sucks you had to encounter that person. Bad times brings out the worst in some people.


Hope you're doing well.

I did find that 99 ranch market was better stocked than most places, so I've been going there. They're also not doing this asinine "only so many people allowed at a time" inside thing. People are keeping their distance but it's not as ridiculous.


Hi Denver - We were looking at those Japanese toilets; but our house is so old that getting it put in sucks Denver. Yeah, the guy yelled at me because I'm Asian. The Asian Markets were hosed initially - if you look at the photos; they are from 99Ranch, Zion, HMart, and Nijiya. Nijiya is not bad right now - though out of tofu until Thursday. Carnival Market has been a stop for me recently.

Though I've got to say, most folks have been quite gracious and patient Junichi.

Hi Loren - 99 Ranch was really empty initially, but they are catching up....though I've heard that employees have been told not to restock certain items until told. Take care!


You can buy a bidet attachment that fits under the toilet seat so you don't have to buy a whole new toilet. They're about $45 and got mine from Amazon. They work well and pretty easy to install.

Yeah Carnival is a hidden gem


We were looking at the Toto Washlet 350E Denver - it's the toilet seat, like what we encounter in Japan, we wouldn't have to change the toilet. However, because we have the old plaster walls and no electrical near the toilet, the wiring work would be $$$.

John M. Dowd

Aloha, yesterday at 8:00 AM I drove to Morena Costco to take advantage of the Senior hour. It looked like Black Friday, Christmas and Thanksgiving combined. I turned around. I returned at 6:30 PM
and it was the emptiest I have ever seen it. It was joyful (it really was) to have access to just about everything except TP which I did not need. Also, Vons after 7 is empty as well. Share this tip with your viewers. It is truly safer and an amazing experience.

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