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Friday, 17 January 2020



looks great!


I wonder if the Cajun side will stick around. The area seems already so big for the sushi side lol. I like that's there's no wait compared to Kura. Hand rolls are a good deal. Hope they can add more sashimi or low carb options.


Hi Cathy: Not trying to give you a hard time, but FYI -- most table salt comes from mines. Like the Morton's and Leslie's salt in those cylindrical containers. So salt manufacturers (??) differentiate salt processed directly from the sea as "sea salt". IMO, sea salt tastes better, especially if it is naturally evaporated and then just packaged without additional processing.


Quite nice, Kat.
It is the Soft Opening still, Elle and they will be looking at all sorts of variables for making a profit. I think having the option in the bar area is a good thing, along with the plates. I guess we'll see in a few months.
Hi Alan, no problem; I did grow up in Detroit/Michigan and salt is spread on the icy roads in winter. Just never thought of labelling salt origins, although 'table salt' has so many other ingredients in it that there should be a warning on it. Have pretty much always purchased kosher and flaky salt for home baking and the table shakers.(thank you for reading my posts);)


Glad there there is a ton of parking for this spot. The one for Kura (formerly Kula) is awful. This place has now been bookmarked for me and my husband. Thank you for the preview!


would you prefer this place over Kura? I still want to pay them a visit . Nice tip about 1/3 of items on belt are salmon !


If you don't get to Kura early, then there is only paid parking unless you are fortunate enough to find street parking, cc. I think that you and Bert will find something good here. Conveyor sushi is always fun.

Sometimes I like to stop at Kura for a quick bite and snag a single seat at the conveyor instead of a booth, Faye. It looks like the single/chair seating here is larger and I already like the parking situation. Thinking the selections will differ after the Soft Opening/Grand Opening shows the owners which items sell better.

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