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Wednesday, 29 January 2020





Hi Kirk,

Thanks for the update on Okan. I found their quality and execution took a nose dive over the last few years and crossed it off my list. Their current menu is also a shadow of what it used to be. Most of the menu now are things you can get at any Japanese restaurant. :-(


It's kind of sad and disappointing Kat!

Hi daantat! Hope all is well. Okan seems have given up all the things that made the place so good and special. I still need to revisit for dinner.


I miss the big bowls of pre-made apps (oozara dishes) on the counter and daily specials. My go-to dishes like skate fin and kisu tempura disappeared from the menu a while ago.


I miss those days too Junichi. It's what made Okan so special....nowadays....meh.....

Tokyo Jim Gottlieb

I do miss the oozara, but as soon as I saw them on my first visit years ago, I knew they'd never pass muster with our draconian food safety rules. All food must be kept very hot or very cold. I still like Okan for transporting me back to Japan, but yes, most of the customers are Chinese these days, and yes, some of the dishes have changed in strange ways. For example, I ordered their gobou salad and it was deep-fried. Huh?


Hi Jim - I understand from my sources that Okan; under previous leadership had come up with a way around Food Handling requirements; but decided that the cost of the ingredients and labor was not worth it. Also, the high turnover in the kitchen dictated a simplified menu. Later leadership was more focused on profits...... And standards have obviously fallen as well.

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