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Sunday, 05 January 2020



nice to circle back once in awhile to see what’s what:)


I need to do that more often Kat!


I haven't been to the Santee location in just about as long. I was in the area last month, and thought about stopping in to eat.

I get the salted fish fried rice at Golden City; I think Noble Chef has it too. If it isn't on the menu, I'm pretty sure you can request it.


Hi Sandy - I've found the versions at Noble Chef and Golden City is a bit short with the salted fish and heavy on the chicken. Though, I haven't had it for dinner at NC.


Wow! It's been a long time since I visited for the fried chicken wings.


Gotta go get some then, right Soo? ;o)


Wimpy on a level 7. That's definitely catering to local tastes. I had a 3 at Thai Papaya a week ago and it was spicy!


Hi Junichi - I know a 4 or 5 there is more than enough for me.

Derek R

Does Koby still own the Santee location? I haven't seen him in ages. I hope he's doing well. Seeing this post makes me want some Issan Sausage.


Hi Derek - Koby sold his share and left years ago..... Not sure where he's at. I didn't recognize anyone working on this day.


Which SD restaurants do you recommend for beef or chicken larb? I tried it once at a festival and really liked the flavors.

DJ Black Belt Jonez

I was so bummed to find out that TOSEL stopped serving salted fish fried rice, my absolute favorite thing on the menu, AND the bamboo shoot salad. It sounds like there is no place to get that lovely pungent version of the fried rice in SD anymore...


Hi Elle - Why don't you check out the versions at Thai Papaya or The Original Sab E Lee in Linda Vista. I've heard the version at Chaba Thai was pretty good as well; though I haven't been there in years. If you like a nice variation on Larb - try some Nahm Tok.

Hey Black Belt Jonez - Hope you had a wonderful New Year! I believe that Thai Papaya still has the Bamboo Shoot Salad. Though we're out of luck for the Salted Fish Fried least so far

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