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Thursday, 30 January 2020



not bad...hope parking will get better


#gnaw #enjoy #4ever #solidarity



On a side note if you're ever around Gardena and love soybean product you should visit Meiji Tofu.
I've never had unadulterated soy milk before, WOW.


It was pretty good Kat....though the parking was not and sadly; it's not likely to get better!

Lol Billy! Nijiya and sometimes Marukai actually carry Meiji tofu; so I buy it once in a while. Good stuff!


Nice deals! I'll have to visit for lunch.


I usually do takeout and go to Societe. Can't beat wings and beer!


Check them out Soo! Hope you enjoy your meal.

Sounds like a great plan Junichi!

John M. Dowd

You have good news. I was not going to go back simply because of the expense, it was outragous IMO. Here is what I said then, I might have to update it


Well, sounds like time for a lunch revisit John. I'm sure dinner prices are still the same.

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